About Sauce Ave.

Sauce Avenue creates unique, colorful and bold styles. We're inspired by the urban culture of music & fashion. We're proud to supply our customers with fast shipping & always an open line of communication for order updates.

What can you expect from Sauce Ave.?

  • One-of-a-kind, quality made garments every time
    We dye thousands of garments by hand every day including tees, sweatshirts and even kids gear. All right here in the U.S.A.
  • Fast service
    We have more than 50 styles in stock and ready to ship means you won’t ever have to wait long but having patience with our process is appreciated.
  • Variety
    With more styles to choose from, Sauce Avenue creates the perfect look for your style.

We also offer fulfillment services including wholesale, drop shipping, tagging, folding, and polybagging.

At Sauce Avenue, we are proud to be able to say that all of our hand-dyed items are done in the U.S.A. Housing our production headquarters in the U.S.A. not only allows us significant quality control over our products, it also affords us the opportunity to give back to the community in the form of job creation.

Sauce Avenue was created in Houston,TX although we have offices all over the U.S.

In Sauce We Trust with the ingredients to kick and drip flavor, it's the way we dress.

Drippin' Sauce, Kickin' Flavor all started in Houston, TX by the Sauce Twinz, the duo of Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucey.

The “sauce” defines your style it is not boastful in the way you dress you have sauce no matter the clothing you wear. The movement is clearly embedding itself into the Houston culture and The Sauce Factory is producing some of the city's most original and vibrant voices.

Sauce Walka years ago showing how to drip sauce.

Sauce Walka educating on Drippin' Sauce, being the originator of the Sauce movement.